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New antique store coming to downtown DeKalb

New antique store coming to downtown DeKalb

Date: 05/08/2017 12:00am



New antique store coming to downtown DeKalb
By DREW ZIMMERMAN- dzimmerman@shawmedia.com
DeKALB – Through 20 years of dealing in antiques, Jeff and Mara Metzger of Sandwich had always talked about buying and renovating a building to sell antiques and other home décor.
“We started out buying antiques as a hobby, and it just sort of turned into a business,” Metzger said. “You get affected by the hunt, and you start to accumulate, and it gets to the point you have to open up a business and start selling some of it.”
After searching DeKalb County for the right location, the couple saw Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant in downtown DeKalb, a place where they have eaten for 15 years, could make for a great antique store.
Metzger, a former DeKalb County Board member, bought the eastern dining area of the restaurant at 218 E. Lincoln Highway earlier this year and is now weeks away from opening his new store, Antique Treasures.
“My wife knows most of the dealers downtown and we visit them on a regular basis,” Metzger said. “This is a very close community, and we have been very welcomed by the group of dealers down here because the more dealers you have in town, the better draw you’ll get.”
Metzger said he is setting up for a final inspection by the DeKalb Fire Department and city staff next week. After that, he hopes for a soft opening the next week and a grand opening soon after that.
Although the grand opening of the store might coincide with the beginning of demolition for the $7.5 million Cornerstone project a block over, Metzger said he is not worried after speaking with principal developer, John Pappas.
“It sounds like [Cornerstone] is going to be a project that will go fairly quickly, and it sounds like factors such as it blocking the street won’t be an issue,” Metzger said. “I don’t think it will cause a problem for opening up a business.”
He added that the storefront has been repainted, and an Antique Treasures sign is now hanging above the property.
Original Article: http://www.daily-chronicle.com/2017/05/05/new-antique-store-coming-to-downtown-dekalb/am1honc/